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Dulcie Taylor, “Wind Over Stone”
Nov. 10, 2015
It’s rare I cover an artist with two new releases. The first album, Only Worn One Time, represented a gift for words as the lyrics stood out as a superlative for poetry and storytelling. There was something special as the music mixed picture-perfect with her lyrics. The artist is Dulcie Taylor. Continue reading



Parc Bench

Posted On : October 5th, 2015 | Updated On : October 6th, 2015
By Greg Victor
Dulcie Taylor and Friends- ‘Wind Over Stone’
Label: Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings

Singer/songwriter Dulcie Taylor’s new album, ‘Wind Over Stone,’ offers 14 songs of keen perception about freedom – past, present and, especially, future. The songs are full of nuanced insights about the gradations of freedom available. The music and lyrics emphasize the personal aspect of the political, and any weariness in Taylor’s sweet voice only comes across as eternal hope simply being tested. It is a thoroughly beautiful listening experience, from the vocals to the instrumentation to the songs. Continue reading